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Buy Ancient Lime Vape Cartridge UK (1ml)



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Buy Ancient Lime Vape Cartridge UK (1ml)
Buy Ancient Lime Vape Cartridge UK (1ml) Online. Solvent-free and sourced from local organic farms, our CBD cartridge contains full spectrum CBD that provides instant soothing and calming effects.
The high purity and cold-pressed terpenes offer a subtle cannabis flavor. With 0% THC, the UK cartridge is ideal for micro-dose servings using any standard vape battery. Its ease of use and instant effects make it the perfect solution to reduce stress, anxiety, and to relax and unwind.
● Cold-pressed cannabis terpenes ● NO GMOs, chemicals or solvents ● 0% THC DAYTIME –
Features vibrant, sweet and citrus notes combined with uplifting properties to deliver a sativa-like, energizing effect. Lab Tested | Organic | Made in USA

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1 X 1ml @£40.00 = £40.00, 2 X 1ml @£38.00 = £76.00, 5 X 1ml @£37.20 = £186.00, 10 X 1ml @£36.00 = £360.00


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