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Buy Lebanese Camel Hash UK (AAAA)



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Buy Lebanese Camel Hash UK (AAAA)
Buy Lebanese Camel Hash UK (AAAA) Online. Yellow Lebanese Hash is made from plants that have been harvested at an earlier stage of development. This produces a high that is more pronounced in cerebral effects.
At the start of Winter, the kief crystals are transferred from silk screens to cotton (or linen bags) and is then pressed – to create a soft, smooth brick of Lebanese Hash.
Red Lebanese Hash is produced using plants that are a little older and are said to contain higher amounts of the non-psychoactive compound Cannabinol (CBN) – resulting in a hash that producers more mild effects.


5 grams @£18.00 £90.00, 10 grams @£16.74 £167.400, 15 grams @£15.84 £237.60, 25 grams @£14.40 £360.00, 40 grams @£11.70 £468.00


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