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Buy Research Chemicals 4 CMC Crystal 4


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Buy Research Chemicals 4 CMC Crystal 4 – Methyl Ephedrine 4 – CEC C11H15NO

Buy Research Chemicals 4 CMC Crystal 4, also named Clephedrone from the cathinone family, has just hit the scene in the research chemical market. 4-CMC research findings are forthcoming. 4-CMC is very interesting for chemical researchers. Be part of a research project that is continuously cited and discussed in the field. Early reports are stating 4-CMC has qualities similar to 4-MMC, bk-MDMA, 3-MMC, and even MDPV.

Cathinones is a psychoactive compound, the active compound of the Khat plant. The Khat plant leaves have stimulant outcomes and are often chewed on. Substances from the Cathinone family are closely related in structure to amphetamine


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