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When DaVinci released its early vaporizers, the DaVinci V3 or DaVinci Ascent they are a few vaporizers in the market. However, the DaVinci IQ is here to change that. The DaVinci IQ is a portable dry herb vaporizer,  the name mirrors the intelligent and innovative way in which this vape turns your dry herb material into an aromatic vapor. It is also among the first to adopt an app to do anything on the device.

The DaVinci IQ has a replaceable 18650 battery with 3500mAh capacity, lasting for 90 minutes at a full charge, and takes about 6 hours to charge. The IQ heats up within a minute, and it can be half the time depending on the heat you set.

The IQ is available in blue, gunmetal, and black.


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