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Hemptouch Calming CBD Balm UK


Flavour: Tasteless
Brand: Hemptouch
Amount: 50ml
CBD: 50mg CBD

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Hemptouch Calming CBD Balm UK
Hemptouch Calming CBD Balm UK Online. This CBD-balm is especially for the reddened and irritated skin. The balm is enriched with hemp oil, chamomile and lavender, which hydrates the skin and gives it a soft and supple feel. As such, Hemptouch CBD-balm gives the skin a smooth and revitalized appearance.
The balm is 100% organic and vegan and does not contain alcohol or synthetic ingredients. CBD-balm has a wax-like appearance but gently melts into the surface of the skin.
Why a CBD-balm?
CBD, also referred to as cannabidiol, is extracted from the cannabis plant. Cosmetics experts agree, therefore, that CBD is revolutionizing skincare!
It is important to note that CBD is not the same substance as tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. THC is also extracted from the cannabis plant, but has a psychoactive effect, meaning that it causes a feeling of high.
Hemptouch CBD-balm: in short

Ideal for irritated skin
Rich in CBD (50 mg/50 ml)
Enriched with hemp-seed oil
With chamomile and lavender
Bursts with antioxidants
Hydrates and softens the skin
Easily applicable
100% legal in (almost) all of Europe

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